Remote Job Medical/Vector Illustrator (PartTime) (Pride HEALTH) (Negotiation Remote)


Remote Job Medical/Vector Illustrator (PartTime) (Pride HEALTH) (Negotiation Remote)

Medical/Vector Illustrator (PartTime)

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Company: International
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Address: Philadelphia, PA
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Type of Work: Part Time
Type: Negotiation Remote

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About Company:
PRIDE Health is a leading minority-owned healthcare recruitment & staffing firm that offers highly customized business process solutions at cost-effective prices.
Headquartered in New York City as a top minority supplier, PRIDE Health offers a broad geographic reach with offices throughout the U.S., India, and Brazil. Leveraging more than 20 years of experience, PRIDE has enhanced its core competency of IT staffing services by creating client-centric, cost-effective IT, and business process solutions. PRIDE serves Client-Partners in the healthcare, IT, financial services, retail and insurance industries offering both Direct Hire and Temporary Staff of Healthcare Professionals, Vendor Management Systems, IT Hardware Procurement Services, and Business Processing Outsourcing.
Temporary, Contract, Per Diem & Direct Hire staffing solutions are only part of what we can offer our clients.
We work with our Client-Partners to customize workforce solutions and provide a value-add beyond traditional staffing. Exciting options such as:
VMS: Manage order distribution, consolidate billing, and enhanced reporting capability that outperforms manual systems and processes.
BPO: Increased flexibility in resource management and reduced response times to environmental changes; freeing our Client-Partners to focus on their core competencies.
About Work:
Pride Health is hiring a Part-time Remote Medical/Vector Illustrator to support our client’s healthcare organization for a 3-month contract. 
This position will support patient education by replacing illustrations and create new illustrations to supplement text about patient instructions. This role/work is part of the initiative to develop and implement a content and technology strategy to support online access to patient education.
The Illustrator will create illustrations and models of medical subjects for use on our client’s website as patient instructions, educational materials and training materials. The Illustrator will work digitally to create the appropriate visual to aid patients, families and healthcare providers in learning about body systems, treatments, procedures and care instructions. 
•    Discusses with clients the subjects to be depicted, the purpose of the presentation, time to complete and the comparative costs of different types of presentations.
•    Studies the subject to be depicted by various means including observing a patient, studying photographs, sketches, or motion pictures.
•    Replicates existing illustrations for the project when appropriate and works smarter not harder by creating a base for some illustrations that utilize the same portion of a body system, treatment or procedure.
•    Prepares sketches or outlines of the project and suggests the manner of presentation. Discusses the matter with client and receives approval to proceed with the finished product.
•    Draws illustration or model digitally. Presents product to client for modifications or final approval.
Required Skills/Abilities:
•    Excellent communication skills to understand client needs and to conceptualize the most effective form of visual presentation.
•    Manual dexterity and visual acuity to deliver professional illustrations in a digital format.
•    Understanding of the digital medium so that illustrations maintain contrast and readability at all sizes from a print publication down to display on mobile devices.
•    Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite
•    Comfortable working a remote environment
•    Ability to deliver on time and budget
Education and Experience:
•    A Bachelor’s degree is preferred but not necessary. The candidate should have studied subjects that include but are not limited to human anatomy, illustration techniques, digital graphics, client management, and production technology

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