Lowongan Kerja Remote dari Rumah Content Writer (Flexible) (Commcap) (Full Remote)


Lowongan Kerja Remote dari Rumah Content Writer (Flexible) (Commcap) (Full Remote)

Content Writer (Flexible)

Status: Baru terbit (Niobis mendapatkan informasi langsung dari Instagram mereka tepatnya pada tanggal 10 Januari 2022, bukti Anda bisa coba cek link Instagram mereka dibawah)
Company: Lokal
Gaji: Tidak disebutkan
Publish di Niobis.com: (11 Januari 2021)
Deadline: 31 Januari 2022

Alamat: Communicaption Studio
Jalan Sempur Kaler no.44a, Bogor, West Java 16129, ID
Status Lowongan: Berhasil diverifikasi (Bukti Anda bisa hubungi Admin Niobis 088223933603 atau penerbit)

Jenis: Flexible
Type: Full Remote

Status Perusahaan/Agensi: Hard
– Sosial media follower untuk instagram dan interaksi terbilang bagus namun sosial media lain kurang
– Kurang update untuk sosial media
– Belum upload data (buat perusahaan atau perwakilan bisa langsung hubungi 088223933603)
Untuk meningkatkan penilaian status perusahaan bisa pihak perusahaan atau penerbit mengirimkan data pada Admin Niobis.
Postingan Pertama? Pertama kali terbit di Niobis

*Untuk penilaian diatas akan berubah seiring dengan tidak adanya laporan dan konsisten buka lowongan, diperlukan sampai 5 bulan untuk mencapai Veteran Niobis.

Communicaption is an Indonesia-based digital content agency who strongly believes that the world we live in today is about sharing, not selling. We’re always passionate about the issues of humanity, environment, democracy, and civil society. What drives us to do what we do:
Our dream of creating meaningful marketing and building well-informed society
Our belief that behind every project lies positive values that can create a better world
Our anxiety about the gap between business-commercial and social-environmental domains
Our cognition about the lack of quality content in Indonesia digital media landscape
We empower organizations, profit and non-profit, to generate positive communication strategy towards impactful outputs and outcomes. We approach our works by aligning innovation and creativity with virtue and empathy.
Diskripsi kerja:
Commcap is a digital agency that brings important issues to the public through meaningful digital content with a data-driven digital strategy. We are currently active in social development, the environment, and the creative economy.
Remote working is here to stay. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, Commcap implemented a remote working policy and flexible hours. We strive to make it easier for personnel to carry out their work with collaborative tools, both individually and in teams. We believe these policies can increase productivity and benefit the company and have a good impact on the work-life balance of our personnel.
Be a part of our team! Be a content writer ready to grow together and share new things with audiences. If you believe that working as a team can now be done anywhere, you are dealing with the right opportunity.
• Writing skills for social media, blogs and websites
• Proficient in Bahasa and English
• Interest in a specific field other than digital
• Adequate devices and stable internet connection
Noted: Cantumkan dalam email atau diskripsi melamar jika Anda mendapatkan informasi lowongan ini dari Niobis.com, untuk konfirmasi.

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