Remote Job Writer high-quality SEO content (Freelance) ( (Fully Remote)

Remote Job Writer high-quality SEO content (Freelance) ( (Fully Remote)

Writer high-quality SEO content (Freelance)

Status: Newly Published (Niobis got job information from one of the recruiters, they just published on May 3, 2022)
Company: International
US$0.10 per word
Publish on Niobis: (May 3, 2022)
Deadline: Unknown
Address: Headquarters
Seattle, WA
Job Status: Successfully verified (Proof? You can contact Niobis)
Type of Work: Freelance
Type: Fully Remote

Company/Agency Status: Hard 
– Social media followers less than 1000 and less interaction
– Have not uploaded data (for companies or representatives can directly contact 088223933603)

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About Company: is a content marketplace with a difference. 
We recognize the power of storytelling for your business, and believe that every business has a story to tell. The problem is that many businesses struggle to share theirs in an authentic way.
That’s where comes in.
We’ve made it our mission to help businesses, big and small, tell their stories to the world. 
Our writers know how to artfully share your business’s unique story in a way which motivates your audience to take action. No other platform offers such an exclusive combination of expertise, experience, and passion. 
Our team is made up of content marketing experts, seasoned developers, and highly skilled freelance writers. Whether it’s website content, blog posts, product descriptions, a white paper, newsletter, or press release, will help position your company as an industry leader. 
Inspired content shouldn’t be an untapped resource. At, we make it simple to access a wide pool of talented writers. The best decision your company can make today is to recognize the power of storytelling. 
We’ll handle the rest.

About Work: is looking for awesome writers interested in producing high-quality SEO content. If you’re interested in getting consistent work — and you’re confident in your abilities to deliver high-quality content — then you’re looking at the right job post!
What’s in It for You?
  • Working from anywhere. This position is fully freelance.
  • Getting consistent work. We provide the clients, and you provide the content. And the projects are guaranteed to keep coming.
  • Earning as much as you want. Many of our core writers earn up to US$7,000+ per month! As long as you’re delivering quality content, who are we to slow you down?
  • Becoming part of a larger community. Does freelancing sometimes feel like it’s just you against the world? At, you’ll work with a team to ensure every project goes off without a hitch.
  • Having dedicated Community Coordinators. We’ll help you navigate client communication so you can focus on what you do best.
This Role Is for You if You…
  • Can write about the leading industry concepts for audiences with field knowledge and laypeople
  • Are an excellent self-editor
  • Are familiar with SEO
  • Are detail-oriented and take pride in your work
  • Are accountable for the work you do
  • Are always looking for ways to improve
  • Are even-tempered and don’t buckle under pressure
  • Have strong organizational and time management skills
You’ll be responsible for crafting professional content, which may include blog posts, white papers, landing pages, and more. You’ll also be required to:
  • Ensure that your content conforms to SEO best practices and is engaging, accurate, and follows project guidelines
  • Make requested revisions as necessary
  • Efficiently organize and track your projects to meet deadlines
Skills and Qualifications
  • English fluency (and intimate familiarity with American English)
  • 1 to 4+ years of experience writing content from your field(s) of expertise
  • Knowledge of SEO in content creation and current SEO best practices
As a writer, you’ll be paid at a standard pay rate of US$0.10 per word.

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