Lowongan Kerja Remote dari Rumah Junior Data Scientist (FlavorWiki) (Full Remote) (Masih Mencari)


Lowongan Kerja Remote dari Rumah Junior Data Scientist (FlavorWiki) (Full Remote) (Masih Mencari)

Junior Data Scientist

Status: Masih Mencari (Niobis mendapatkan informasi dari Linkedin mereka, diterbitkan sejak tanggal 11 Januari 2022 dan masih mencari sampai sekarang 29 April 2022)
Company: Internasional
Gaji: Tidak disebutkan
Publish di Niobis: (29 April 2022)
Deadline: Tidak disebutkan
Alamat: Zurich, Switzerland
Status Lowongan: Berhasil diverifikasi (Bukti? Anda bisa hubungi Admin Niobis atau langsung mereka)
Jenis: Tidak disebutkan
Type: Full Remote

Status Perusahaan/Agensi: Average
– Sosial Media lebih dari 1000 dan interaksi bagus
– Belum upload data (buat perusahaan atau perwakilan bisa langsung hubungi 088223933603)

(Penilaian ini hanya berdasarkan dari Niobis sendiri, jika nilai “Good” itu tandanya mereka sudah melengkapi data atau penilaian melebihi nilai rata – rata kami (itu tandanya lowongan sangat baik dalam melamar), “Average” mereka belum melengkapi data namun penilaian perusahaan berada di rata – rata (itu tandanya lowongan dalam keadaan aman),”Hard” mereka belum melengkapi data dan penilaian perusahaan sangat kurang dari syarat kami (itu tandanya Anda harus lebih berhati – hati dalam melamar lowongan ini.)
Ada beberapa perusahaan masuk dalam kategori “Veteran Niobis” maksudnya perusahaan tersebut sudah lama posting di website Niobis, untuk mendapatkan bisa sampai 5 bulan hingga 1 sampai 2 tahun, tergantung ada atau tidaknya laporan negatif.
“Meskipun lowongan dalam penilaian baik selalu patuhi aturan Niobis, dan meskipun penilaian kurang baik Anda masih bisa tetap melamar asalkan seperti tadi selalu ikuti aturan Niobis.”

Riview dari Pelamar: (Belum Ada)
Untuk meningkatkan penilaian status perusahaan bisa pihak perusahaan atau penerbit mengirimkan data pada Admin Niobis.
Postingan Pertama? Pertama kali terbit di Niobis

*Untuk penilaian diatas akan berubah seiring dengan tidak adanya laporan dan konsisten buka lowongan, diperlukan sampai 5 bulan untuk mencapai Veteran Niobis.

About Company:
FlavorWiki is a digital insights company that provides market research services and a powerful analytical software for the food and ingredient industry to facilitate data collection, analysis and reporting of consumer insights across all relevant purchase drivers. It combines advanced data and machine learning techniques with easy-to-use features to enable digital communication with consumers, colleagues and suppliers around the world.
We leverage a global community of testers who are invited to give their opinions on the products subject to the studies by completing surveys within the web-based FlavorWiki application, no downloads required. All the data gathered in these studies is uploaded in real time into the software where our customers can run different statistical analyses, create reports and share results with colleagues.
The FlavorWiki team is a dedicated, multicultural and highly motivated group of professionals, located all around the globe, bringing unique capabilities, knowledge and diverse experience into the work dynamics at FlavorWiki. We encourage every team member to grow professionally and perform in a rewarding and always challenging environment.

About Job:
FlavorWiki is an online market research platform seeking a Junior Data Scientist to assist our multinational Analytics Team. This is a fast paced environment in a fast growing company. Details of the job requirements are below.
This is a full time, remote position, but ideal candidates will be available during working hours in European or US time zones (though not necessarily located in those areas).
The Junior Data Scientist should be fluent in written and spoken English and experienced with the technologies described in the detail below.

What you will do:
  • Work closely with Consumer Scientist to support them in terms of data analysis
  • Updating analysis in PowerPoint and Excel
  • Running ad hoc statistical analysis
  • Running and assisting in design of custom statistical tools
  • Managing user acquisition data and also responsible for the marketing data
  • User profile data analysis
  • User history
  • Fraud prevention
  • Showcase impact in a business context by providing analysis and data visualization
  • Knowledge of Microsoft BI is a plus
  • Having experience in Data Analyst, Business Intelligence, or other related roles with strong analytical skills and business acumen
  • Experience in data visualization and dashboarding tools, preferably Power BI
  • Experience using data processing tools (e.g Excel, Python, R or other tools for statistical analysis)
  • Preferably familiar with some Excel functions e.g pivot tables, vlookup, etc
  • Knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint is a plus
  • Undergraduate or Graduate degree in related field
  • Good knowledge of basic statistical analysis, also able to independently select and implement statistical test to answer the business questions. 

Apply: FlavorWiki will review every submission carefully and will get in touch with all applicants who provide the information and documents as requested and make a great fit for the role. The application process includes:
  1. Filling the online application form.
  2. Submitting a CV in English.
  3. Submitting a short presentation video / audio in English. This can be you introducing your background and is designed to see how well you communicate in English.
  4. Applicants will be notified via email if they are selected for an online interview.
Noted: Cantumkan dalam email atau diskripsi melamar jika Anda mendapatkan informasi lowongan ini dari Niobis.com, untuk konfirmasi.

Jangan lupa ikuti aturan Niobis ya kak dan buat yang sudah keterima share dong testimoninya.

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