Remote Job Children’s Storyteller/Scriptwriter – MS (Full Time) (Discovery Education) (Remote in US)

Discovery Education

Remote Job Children's Storyteller/Scriptwriter - MS (Full Time) (Discovery Education) (Remote in US)

Children’s Storyteller/Scriptwriter – MS (Full Time)

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About Company:
Discovery Education is the global leader in standards-based digital content for K-12, transforming teaching and learning with award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia content, professional development, and the largest professional learning community of its kind. Serving 4.5 million educators and over 50 million students, Discovery Education’s services are in half of U.S. classrooms, 50 percent of all primary schools in the U.K., and countries around the globe.
Accelerate student achievement in your district by capturing the minds and imaginations of students with the fascination of Discovery, tapping into students’ natural curiosity and desire to learn.

About Work:                                  
We’re looking for a Children’s Storyteller / Script Writer with a can-do attitude and a passion for helping children explore and understand our fascinating world. We’ve been working hard for a few years to create one of the easiest to use and most popular elementary science curricula in the country. We also produce a weekly 5-minute mini-lesson series that answers questions children ask – we’ve collected about 2 million questions so far and we plan to answer all of them. Nearly 4 million children experience our explanations each month! Being a Children’s Storyteller / Script Writer at means you’ll be joining our content development team in producing more amazing lessons and videos that reach many more millions of students worldwide.
As the Script Writer, you will be responsible for writing video scripts for either our weekly mini-lessons or the K-5 science curriculum. Mystery has an established voice and content strategy that we’ve honed – we don’t tell children what to think; we guide them to explore and be curious – and as the Script Writer, you’ll work closely with the other key contributors (especially the visual storytellers and the activity developers) to create explanations that get children excited about the world we live in and foster a curiosity that will propel them to become the problem solvers of the future. 
This position reports to Soo Kim, our Director of Content, and is a remote-first (US based), full-time salaried position. 
About You 
● Do you “get” kids? You understand how to engage elementary-aged children through stories. What are children most curious about? When they ask a question, what is it they really want to know? Maybe you’ve worked as a generalist elementary teacher or science specialist, or a content creator at a museum or even a YouTube creator that has built a successful children’s audience. At the core, you think kids are amazing and you think deeply about what makes them tick, and can also help others understand them better. 
● Do you love to write and craft stories? You have a minimum of 3 years of writing in a professional setting and have foundational knowledge about story structure. Maybe you’ve written short stories or a children’s book, authored articles for magazines, or crafted story beats for an episodic TV series. You’re familiar with the elements and techniques to research from credible sources and tightly craft wow stories. 
● Do you love to learn about the wonders of the world around us? You’ll love this role and will excel at it if you get excited and energized when you get to figure something out! You’re endlessly fascinated by the world around you and have a scienc-y bend to your interests– maybe you studied science in college or worked as a park ranger, or maybe you are a Renaissance person who reads broadly in history or popular science. You love the journey of discovery. ● Do you embrace the give-and-take of a collaborative creative process? You love the growth that comes from working with other experts, such as visual storytellers or curriculum designers, to create the best content possible. You’re equally excited about immersing yourself in the creative flow for large blocks of time and about running a structured process that enables the best minds to weigh in on the work. You are ready to put yourself out there, make mistakes, and delight in learning and getting feedback. You don’t worry about getting it right the first time, but enjoy getting better over time. 
Day-to-day As the Children’s Storyteller / Script Writer, your main focus will be
● Writing scripts for our weekly mini-lessons. You’ll develop scripts for our weekly mini-lessons (5-min video series), leaning into our unique, engaging approach. This involves everything from figuring out the specific questions to answer, to identifying the angle we want to take, researching the topic, and writing the production-ready script which will be narrated for the episode. 
● Writing scripts for our K-5 science curriculum lessons. As we expand and revise our K-5 curriculum, you’ll write video scripts for full-length lessons (10-20 minute video segments), contribute to step-by-step activity descriptions, and write very short-form content, such as text narration for our Top 5 bonus activities. In this role, you’ll work closely with our visual storytellers, activity designers, and science curriculum experts. In any given week, you may join in a brainstorming session on seasonal activities, suggest improvements to activity instructions, or act as a thought partner for a team member who is exploring a new type of lesson. You’ll see the impact of your work immediately and you’ll have the chance to collaborate with amazing individuals who regularly reflect on their processes to see if we can deliver even better content and materials to children, teachers, and other adults in children’s lives.    

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