Remote Job Crypto SEO Writer (Part Time) (The Motley Fool) (Remote in US)

The Motley Fool

Remote Job Crypto SEO Writer (Part Time) (The Motley Fool) (Remote in US)

Crypto SEO Writer (Part Time)

Status: Newly Published (Niobis got information from schema google job (Page source), published since April 6, 2022
Company: International
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Alexandria, VA
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Type of Work: Part Time (Freelance)
Type: Remote in US

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– Social media followers more than 1000 and good interaction
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About Company:
The Motley Fool’s purpose is to make the world smarter, happier, and richer.  
While other companies may make you smarter, happier, or richer, we aim to do all three by providing outstanding business and investing advice — with a decidedly Foolish bent.
Our name is in homage to the one character in Shakespearean literature — the court jester — who could speak the truth to the king and queen without having his or her head lopped off. The Fools of yore entertained the court with humor that instructed as it amused. More importantly, the Fool was never afraid to question conventional wisdom.
We believe in treating every dollar as an investment in the future you want to create. We believe that investing in great businesses, for the long term, is the most effective path to wealth. We believe in the power of a community to learn and grow together. We believe in keeping score and being transparent in our investment performance. We strive to fulfill our purpose by truly serving every Fool, from our employees to our members to our community.
We provide a variety of solutions to improve many areas of your financial life, including your investment portfolio, personal finances, real estate holdings, company, and career.
The Motley Fool is headquartered in Alexandria, Va., with offices in Denver and Sydney, Australia, and serves investors and businesses in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, and Germany.

About Work:
You TLT? We sure do. 
The Motley Fool’s Evergreen SEO team is looking for a talented Freelance Crypto SEO Writer to contribute their writing talent and subject matter expertise to our community of Foolish investors. Though this is a 100% remote contract opportunity with flexible hours, candidates must reside in the United States to be considered
Who are we, anyway?
For the past 29 years, The Motley Fool has cut through the noise and jargon to help people understand stock market investing and the financial world in general. We want to stay true to that mission in the burgeoning—and often esoteric—realm of crypto. 
Above all, we aim to educate our readers by meeting them where they are. Our audience ranges from the active crypto investor who starts every day with a “gm,” all the way to our beginner-level reader who has been told that non-fungible means “cannot be turned into a mushroom.” 
About this position:
This is a contract position in which we pay between $150-$350 per published article, depending upon word count. (Word counts range from 500–1,500+.) We also hold quarterly writer awards, where prize money for the best articles ranges from $500-$1,000. Lambo soon.
This team creates content that supports our ultimate goal of turning readers into members of our premium services. Our SEO writers take direction from the SEO team, with topics and rough outlines provided. (Though we love to get ideas from our writers and hear our writers’ opinions; we are, after all, hiring you because you are a crypto expert.)
Writers receive assignments for original articles as well as updates to existing content for freshness, accuracy, and SEO.
We’re looking for at least one article per week from you to start—and potentially more, if both of us (you and the Fool) agree that we are a good fit for one another. 
About you:
• You maintain a firm grasp of the current state and future potential of cryptocurrency, its applications, and the underlying technology.
• You worship the written word and can write clear, fluid, and engaging prose.
• You have experience writing about cryptocurrency, with previous publishing credits. (We’ll want to see your three favorites in your application!)
• You share our passion for teaching the world about the less-understood digital asset market.
• You have opinions on how crypto could be used in web3, or whether Bitcoin could become a global fiat currency (ya never know!).
• You could effectively explain asset-backed tokens to a 12-year-old. 
• You have a wealth of knowledge about the investing world—and you believe in the Foolish investing philosophy. (That is, you invest in great companies for the long run. Diamond hands, essentially.)
• You have some SEO know-how (we can offer some training in this). 
Fomo? Apply!.

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