Remote Job Visual Designer (Freelancer) (A1M Solutions) (Remote in US)

A1M Solutions

Remote Job Visual Designer (Freelancer) (A1M Solutions) (Remote in US)

Visual Designer (Freelancer)

Status: Newly Published (Niobis check schema google job (Page Source), they just published on April 4, 2022)
Company: International
Publish on Niobis: (April 6, 2022)
Deadline: Unknown
Address: 341 Broadway St, Chico, CA 95928, US
Job Status: Successfully verified (Proof? You can check their schema google job (Page Source))
Type of Work: Freelance
Type: Remote in US

Company/Agency Status: Hard
– Social media followers less than 1000 and less interaction
– Have not uploaded data (for companies or representatives can directly contact 088223933603)

First Post? First published on Niobis

About Company:
A1M Solutions is a small, woman-owned company that supports
the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and other
government programs serving disadvantaged populations.
We do design, product, and data work informed by policy.
We choose to work in alignment with our values for our
customers, partners, employees, and communities. 
Authenticity, integrity, and empathy drive all we do.

About Work:
A1M’s mission is preserving and improving the government healthcare programs that are lifelines for underserved people in the United States, including people in poverty, elderly people, members of ethnic and racial minorities, immigrants, and refugees. We look for complex projects with nation-wide impact. 
We’re looking for a freelance visual designer to come help us on a part-time, contract basis for three months. Working closely with content strategists, your role is to help our team communicate as clearly visually as they do with words. This is an opportunity to improve how the federal government explains changing policy in the aftermath of a public healthcare emergency. 
• Collaborate with Lead Content Strategist to define priorities and projects
• Extend an existing design system into a usable style guide 
• Build a lightweight style guide and reusable templates for common deliverables
• Teach the team how and where to use whatever you make
Your portfolio or resume should demonstrate: 
• Well-crafted typography within an overall identity system
• Comfort with feedback as a way to iterate and improve
• Working autonomously and as part of a team
• Strong written and verbal communication skills, especially in explaining design decisions
Nice, but not necessary:
• Personal experience with government health and human services programs
• Working knowledge of Medicare, the ACA, MACRA, Medicaid, or CHIP
• Anywhere in the United States except New York City (for tax reasons), but our partners mostly work on Eastern Standard Time
• Must already have legal authorization to work within the US.     

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