Lowongan Kerja Remote dari Rumah Digital Graphic Designer (Part-Time) (FXSWEDE AB) (Full Remote)


Lowongan Kerja Remote dari Rumah Digital Graphic Designer (Part-Time) (FXSWEDE AB) (Full Remote)

Digital Graphic Designer (Part-Time)

Status: Baru Terbit (Niobis mendapatkan informasi dari schema google job, diterbitkan sejak 25 Maret 2022 dan masih mencari sampai sekarang)
Company: Lokal
Gaji: Tidak disebutkan
Publish di Niobis: (27 Maret 2022)
Deadline: Tidak disebutkan
Alamat: Stockholm, Swedia

Jl. Scbd, Senayan, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia
Status Lowongan: Berhasil diverifikasi (Anda bisa cek schema google job mereka)
Jenis: Part Time
Type: Full Remote

Status Perusahaan/Agensi: Hard 
– Sosial media sangat kurang untuk follower lebih dari 1000 (Linkedin) namun jarang update
– Belum upload data (buat perusahaan atau perwakilan bisa langsung hubungi 088223933603)
(Penilaian ini hanya berdasarkan dari Niobis sendiri, jika nilai “Good” itu tandanya mereka sudah melengkapi data atau penilaian melebihi nilai rata – rata kami (itu tandanya lowongan sangat baik dalam melamar), “Average” mereka belum melengkapi data namun penilaian perusahaan berada di rata – rata (itu tandanya lowongan dalam keadaan aman),”Hard” mereka belum melengkapi data dan penilaian perusahaan sangat kurang dari syarat kami (itu tandanya Anda harus lebih berhati – hati dalam melamar lowongan ini.)
Ada beberapa perusahaan masuk dalam kategori “Veteran Niobis” maksudnya perusahaan tersebut sudah lama posting di website Niobis, untuk mendapatkan bisa sampai 5 bulan hingga 1 sampai 2 tahun, tergantung ada atau tidaknya laporan negatif.
“Meskipun lowongan dalam penilaian baik selalu patuhi aturan Niobis, dan meskipun penilaian kurang baik Anda masih bisa tetap melamar asalkan seperti tadi selalu ikuti aturan Niobis.”

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Untuk meningkatkan penilaian status perusahaan bisa pihak perusahaan atau penerbit mengirimkan data pada Admin Niobis.
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About Company:
Headquartered in Stockholm, Fxswede AB is one of the fastest-growing product development companies in Sweden.
Utilizing an innovative research and development process, we offer our
customers an ever-expanding portfolio of unique products backed by an unrivaled level of customer service.
Fxswede AB was founded by Filip Gustavsson and Christoffer, two Swedish entrepreneurs who wanted to build a better kind of Amazon business. β€œWe are a remote-first company, which means we are able to hire the very best people no matter their geographical location or background.β€œ(Filip, Christoffer, 2020)
This approach has seen us assemble a highly diverse team, with people from China, Germany, the UK, Romania, Sweden, the Philippines, Argentina, and
beyond represented in our workforce.
We firmly believe that when you bring great people together, great things will happen. We aim to be at the very cutting edge in everything we do and are constantly iterating and innovating to ensure that we offer the best products and the highest level of customer service on the market. 
With more than 2.5 million sellers active on Amazon today, standing out from the crowd is more challenging than it has ever been before. Competitors try to solve this problem through brute force: More products, more capital, new categories, lower prices. At Fxswede, we differentiate ourselves by focusing firmly on our customers. Extensive market research and Big Data insights help us identify opportunities to develop products that solve the challenges our customers face daily.
The result is a different kind of Amazon business. One with a portfolio of diverse, high-quality products that are uniquely designed to meet our customers’ needs.
About Work:
Headquartered in Stockholm, Fxswede AB is a remote-first and one of the fastest-growing product development companies in Sweden πŸš€ πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ
Fxswede AB was founded by Filip Gustavsson and Christoffer, two hard-working entrepreneurs from Sweden who wanted to build a better kind of Amazon business. β€œWe are a remote-first company πŸ’» which means we are able to hire the very best people no matter their geographical location or background.β€œ(Filip & Christoffer, 2020).
Job Description
We are looking for a creative and passionate Graphic Designer for our Social Media platforms. The hired candidate will work directly with the Social Media Manager and the ideal candidate should have at least 2-4 years of experience working for agency/e-commerce brands.
Please upload your portfolio along with CV when applying! πŸŽ‘
What You Will Do 🎨 
β€’ Design compelling, consistent creative assets for all social media platforms that reflect our brand, lifestyle, and drive online engagement and sales (social media graphics/display ads/Facebook ads/Reels/IGTV/Covers).
β€’ Able to conceptualize posts and able to execute them with design.
β€’ Ensure that all graphics are developed, and delivered on time across all digital platforms.
Hiring Process ⏳
CV and portfolio screening β†’ HR screening β†’ User and HR interview β†’ Graphic Design Assessment β†’ Offering
What You Will Bring To The Table πŸ—ƒ
β€’ Experienced in creating creative assets for social media
β€’ Creativity and graphic design skills.
β€’ Proficiency in Marketing disciplines.
β€’ Advanced level of English (verbal and written).
β€’ Min. Bachelor’s Degree.
β€’ Good communication skills.
β€’ Video editing experience.
β€’ Be able to produce original ideas.
β€’ Must have a grasp of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
Additional Information
Why FXSwede? πŸš€
β€’ Work from anywhere in the world (next to the beach in Bali? A tranquil spot in Hanoi? β€’ While sipping the best coffee in Chiang Mai? You choose!). You have all the flexibility and freedom in your work, we measure results. πŸ“Š
β€’ Multinational diverse environment and awesome coworkers. πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί
β€’ A fast-growing company, but still small enough that you will be considered a very valued member of the team. When you learn and grow – so does FXSwede!
β€’ Amazing learning opportunity as you will be able to work on various types of consumer products.
β€’ Great opportunity to learn new skills while working closely alongside other departments as well as in the job role.
β€’ We strongly encourage new ideas and initiatives on how we can improve and do stuff better.
β€’ Join a very friendly, open-minded and fun team where we all work together and grow in something we all love and can be proud of.
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