Lowongan Kerja Remote dari Rumah Data Manager (Indonesia) (Tridge) (Full Remote)


Lowongan Kerja Remote dari Rumah Data Manager (Indonesia) (Tridge) (Full Remote)

Data Manager (Indonesia)

Status: Baru Terbit (Niobis mendapatkan informasi dari salah satu recruiter, mereka menerbitkan sejak 25 Maret 2022)
Company: Internasional
Gaji: Tidak disebutkan
Publish di Niobis: 26 Maret 2022
Deadline: Tidak disebutkan
Alamat: 5F 226 Bangbae-ro, Seocho-gu Seoul, Korea Selatan 06584
Status Lowongan: Berhasil diverifikasi (Bisa hubungi Admin Niobis)
Jenis: Tidak disebutkan
Type: Full Remote

Status Perusahaan/Agensi: Good
– Veteran Niobis
– Belum upload data (buat perusahaan atau perwakilan bisa langsung hubungi 088223933603, penilaian perusahaan akan bertambah jika data dikirim ke Admin Niobis)

(Penilaian ini hanya berdasarkan dari Niobis sendiri, jika nilai “Good” itu tandanya mereka sudah melengkapi data atau penilaian melebihi nilai rata – rata kami (itu tandanya lowongan sangat baik dalam melamar), “Average” mereka belum melengkapi data namun penilaian perusahaan berada di rata – rata (itu tandanya lowongan dalam keadaan aman),”Hard” mereka belum melengkapi data dan penilaian perusahaan sangat kurang dari syarat kami (itu tandanya Anda harus lebih berhati – hati dalam melamar lowongan ini.)
Ada beberapa perusahaan masuk dalam kategori “Veteran Niobis” maksudnya perusahaan tersebut sudah lama posting di website Niobis, untuk mendapatkan bisa sampai 5 bulan hingga 1 sampai 2 tahun, tergantung ada atau tidaknya laporan negatif.
“Meskipun lowongan dalam penilaian baik selalu patuhi aturan Niobis, dan meskipun penilaian kurang baik Anda masih bisa tetap melamar asalkan seperti tadi selalu ikuti aturan Niobis.”

Riview dari Pelamar: (Belum Ada)
Untuk meningkatkan penilaian status perusahaan bisa pihak perusahaan atau penerbit mengirimkan data pada Admin Niobis.
Postingan Pertama? Pertama kali terbit di Niobis

*Untuk penilaian diatas akan berubah seiring dengan tidak adanya laporan dan konsisten buka lowongan, diperlukan sampai 5 bulan untuk mencapai Veteran Niobis.

About Company:
Tridge is a Global Trade Ecosystem in the food and agriculture industry that combines professional network and data intelligence and makes trustworthy and sustainable cross-border trades possible. We create and provide a very unique and powerful global-scale platform for buyers and suppliers to be connected and do business with each other more confidently and seamlessly.
Our mission is to become a go-to place for the ultimate sourcing solutions by creating a safe and reliable trade community. For Buyers, Tridge consistently provides extensive market trend data around the globe, creating opportunities in both untapped and existing markets and connecting them with credible suppliers. For Suppliers, we identify and develop sales opportunities from the regions they could not reach ever before. We combine state-of-the-art technology to make this happen. Our tech team and data experts process the massive amount of data to convert it to our solution and are constantly optimizing the system to better connect our Buyers / Suppliers and our entire global staff across +30 countries.   
To create a trusted trade community, Tridge operates a global network of local experts who have immediate and extensive access to industry, community, and market, which is the cornerstone for what we are building. Empowered by this global network, we are able to identify solid players and build strong relationships to enable a perfect match for each other.
The Tridge Team is a group of smart, unique and enthusiastic individuals with diverse career fields and backgrounds. Our HQ office in Seoul is working with more than 50 remote full-time employees who are located in +30 different countries, which enables us to operate 24 hours globally. We are proud of our open environment where we share our passion for changing the global trade industry to achieve “market equilibriums” by connecting people and opportunities. 
About Job:
As one of our data managers, you will be responsible for gathering basic information related to suppliers and buyers in your country (or region). You will also be responsible for simple company profiling based on online research.
Working with our Data Acquisition and Market Intelligence team, you’ll help our new Marketplace grow by managing information of world agriculture markets across different formats.
We are a diverse team bringing passion from all around the world. If you have a knack for working remotely and a career in data entry/online research, this role is suitable for you.
Job Responsibilities
• Any data validation related to supplier & buyer
• Simple company profiling based on online research
• Communicate with the team continuously for further updates on the task
• Other data entry work related to supplier and buyer information as needed 
• A diploma/equivalent or higher
• Strong attention to detail 
• Online research skills, including multilingual search result interpretation
• Basic computer skills
• Comfortable working with large sets of repetitive data, searching and reading online information for long hours
• Looking for a mid to long-term career in the data entry field
• Company profiling experience (basic to intermediate)
• Proficient in managing time and workload, completing projects independently and collaboratively with minimal supervision and guidance
• Experience working remotely is a plus
• Experience as a data entry operator, preferably for directory services or equivalent
Fully remote work. Working hours will be 10 AM-7 PM KST as a default, but room for a flexible work schedule is available. Communication will be done by a messenger(Slack) and required to be responsive during working hours
Get to know more about Tridge from our press release:
Noted: Cantumkan dalam email atau diskripsi melamar jika Anda mendapatkan informasi lowongan ini dari Niobis.com, untuk konfirmasi.

Jangan lupa ikuti aturan Niobis ya kak dan buat yang sudah keterima share dong testimoninya.

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