Lowongan Kerja Remote dari Rumah SEO Content Writer (ALAMI) (Remote Negosiasi)


Lowongan Kerja Remote dari Rumah SEO Content Writer (ALAMI) (Remote Negosiasi)

SEO Content Writer

Status: Baru Terbit (Niobis mendapatkan informasi ini dari Linkedin mereka dan berhasil diverifikasi, juga Niobis cek di schema google job mereka baru dipublish pada tanggal 23 Maret 2022, bukti Anda bisa hubungi Admin Niobis)
Company: Lokal
Gaji: Tidak disebutkan
Publish di Niobis: 25 Maret 2022
Deadline: Tidak disebutkan
Alamat: Jakarta, Indonesia
Status Lowongan: Berhasil diverifikasi (Bisa menghubungi Admin Niobis untuk bukti atau kunjungi Linkedin)
Jenis: Tidak disebutkan
Type: Remote Negosiasi

Status Perusahaan/Agensi: Average
– Sosial media follower lebih dari 1000 dan interaksi bagus
– Belum upload data (buat perusahaan atau perwakilan bisa langsung hubungi 088223933603, penilaian perusahaan akan bertambah jika data dikirim ke Admin Niobis)

(Penilaian ini hanya berdasarkan dari Niobis sendiri, jika nilai “Good” itu tandanya mereka sudah melengkapi data atau penilaian melebihi nilai rata – rata kami (itu tandanya lowongan sangat baik dalam melamar), “Average” mereka belum melengkapi data namun penilaian perusahaan berada di rata – rata (itu tandanya lowongan dalam keadaan aman),”Hard” mereka belum melengkapi data dan penilaian perusahaan sangat kurang dari syarat kami (itu tandanya Anda harus lebih berhati – hati dalam melamar lowongan ini.)
Ada beberapa perusahaan masuk dalam kategori “Veteran Niobis” maksudnya perusahaan tersebut sudah lama posting di website Niobis, untuk mendapatkan bisa sampai 5 bulan hingga 1 sampai 2 tahun, tergantung ada atau tidaknya laporan negatif.
“Meskipun lowongan dalam penilaian baik selalu patuhi aturan Niobis, dan meskipun penilaian kurang baik Anda masih bisa tetap melamar asalkan seperti tadi selalu ikuti aturan Niobis.”

Riview dari Pelamar: (Belum Ada)
Untuk meningkatkan penilaian status perusahaan bisa pihak perusahaan atau penerbit mengirimkan data pada Admin Niobis.
Postingan Pertama? Pertama kali terbit di Niobis

*Untuk penilaian diatas akan berubah seiring dengan tidak adanya laporan dan konsisten buka lowongan, diperlukan sampai 5 bulan untuk mencapai Veteran Niobis.

About Company:
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 
ALAMI is the world’s first sharia challenger bank based in Indonesia, starting out in 2019 as a sharia-compliant peer-to-peer lending platform for SME financing. Today, we have disbursed more than US$50 million for over 1,000 financing transactions with 0% default rate. ALAMI has also been awarded as the world’s best Islamic P2P lending platform in 2020 by TheAsset Tripe A and World Islamic Finance Award (WIFA). 
We believe that equal and direct access to financial information is important for SMEs to thrive sustainably. With Indonesia as the largest Muslim market in the world (~230 million muslims), ALAMI is on the move to launch its challenger banking platform, which we hope can revolutionize the banking industry with our drive for transparency, fairness and social inclusion!
We are a team of young and dynamic finance professionals who shared similar passion to grow Islamic finance ecosystem.
Join our cause #HijrahFinansial #ALAMISisiTerbaikmu
About Job:
ALAMI Group is seeking an SEO Content Writer Associate to strengthen its Content Team. You will be an integral part of the team working on the development of content to support ALAMI Group in becoming a thought leader in the sharia economy space.
• Energized by the opportunity to contribute to our mission to revolutionize the Islamic finance industry in Indonesia
• A versatile learner and a proactive self-starter who can thrive in a fast-paced environment
• A natural collaborator, able to work with ease alongside teams from diverse backgrounds
• Someone unfazed by feedback and criticism, as they only serve as fuel to improve your performance
• We would love to meet you!
Job Description:
• Research topics that would engage/entertain/inspire/inform our target audience.
• Create original long-form content.
• Write SEO-friendly articles for our websites, across all ALAMI Group brands.
• Optimize, improve, and update previous SEO articles.
• Collaborate with teams across our organization to find relevant stories and ideas.
• Keep up-to-date about the sharia economics industry and the markets it operates in.
• Minimum 2-3 years experience in writing published long-form content, researching topics completely new to you, and interviewing sources. Preferably with a daily deadline.
• Demonstrated SEO writing skills. Must have a good understanding of SEO principles and how to use it in a piece of written text in a way that will get your piece ranked within the first page of Google’s search engine algorithms.
• Above-average level of attention to detail. You are thorough about the integrity of the content you put out to the world, because you understand the seriousness of being a bearer of misinformation and you care about giving people something of real value.
• Know how to combine your natural curiosity, creativity and the use of data analysis in the content ideation process. Ability to identify high-demand topics and translate it to relevant content ideas for our brands.
• Ability to work fast under tight deadlines. Focus is your forte, you are not easily distracted. Accustomed to finishing tasks within a timeline, calm under pressure and well-organized, you work with speed without sacrificing quality.
• Collaboration is something you’re seasoned at. Proven with extensive organizational and teamwork experience, where you demonstrated your ability to work well with others in order to achieve a shared, common goal.
• All candidates who pass the initial interview step will be required to submit a sample SEO writing work in accordance to the specifications given. This sample will be evaluated in detail, and will form the basis of the decision for the candidate to proceed to the next step (or not).
• Once you pass this step, you will be required to provide at least 2 professional references (can be from work/university/volunteer community and organizational settings) who can be contacted and vouch for your work ethics, attitude, personality, character and teamwork skills.
• The final step will be an interview with heads of department/directorate and a senior manager in the People and Culture Division, to ensure you are a good fit for our culture.
Noted: Cantumkan dalam email atau diskripsi melamar jika Anda mendapatkan informasi lowongan ini dari Niobis.com, untuk konfirmasi.

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