Remote Job Comic News Writer (Freelance) (The Nerd Stash) (Fully Remote)

The Nerd Stash

Remote Job Comic News Writer (Freelance) (The Nerd Stash) (Fully Remote)

Comic News Writer (Freelance)

Status: Newly Published (Niobis got information from one of the recruiters and it was published on March 21, 2022)
Company: International
Publish on Niobis: (March 21, 2022)
Deadline: Unknown
Address: Headquarters
Ashland, Kentucky
Job Status: Successfully verified (Proof? You can contact Niobis Admin)
Type of Work: Freelance
Type: Fully Remote

Company/Agency Status: Average 
– Social media followers more than 1000 and good interaction
– Have not uploaded data (for companies or representatives can directly contact 088223933603)

First Post? First published on Niobis

About Company:
Launched on March 15, 2015, The Nerd Stash had a small concept in mind, “Make an Impact” in our local community and bring a unique experience to the industry. We offer a comprehensive collection of articles in the entertainment field all designed to keep you informed, enlightened and entertained as you read along. Founded by a long-time gamer and avid lover of all things technology driven plus a general overall nerd. The Nerd Stash is your exclusive portal into the world of geek culture and the nerd way of life. Game News, Movies, TV,  Reviews, Comics, Cosplay, Tech, TV/Movies, and more! Offering a variety of content to world, The Nerd Stash is headquartered in Kentucky and continues to grow and develop to bring unique content to a growing industry.
About Work:
Position: Freelance Comic News Writer
We are looking for eager freelance Comic News writers who have a passion for reading comic books and keeping up with the latest news. Potential applicants will be responsible for keeping up with the current and breaking news in the comic book industry and assisting with news coverage on
The Nerd Stash is an established News/Media company that has been around for over six years, covering daily news in the areas of movies, TV, video games, technology, and comics. We encourage any interested candidate to visit to see if you think you are a good fit for our culture. We’re always looking for skilled and passionate writers to make an impact in the world of comics. Don’t have a lot of experience? We believe in taking chances on someone who has the mindset to jump in headfirst, so do not let that sway you from applying to work with us. Our approach is to work closely with our staff, build excellent working relationships, and provide flexibility to make it a positive environment.
Why work for The Nerd Stash?
• An opportunity to write for an established news/media site.
• Provides constructive feedback and works closely with other guide writers to collaborate to develop your skills.
• You are not just a number! We love to keep in communication with all of our writers and support them however we can!
• Opportunities to review comic books for free!
• Future bonus opportunities for high contributors of quality articles!
• Interested in joining our team? Let’s discuss expectations!
• Write a minimum of 5 to 10 articles per week in our style
• This includes: Fact-checking, formatting, linking, and image sourcing/very basic editing (sizing, brightness, etc.)
• Be aware of upcoming comic news and any rumors in that genre.
• Pitch story ideas, as needed.
• Work under a strict deadline and submit content on time.
• Accept all feedback provided by the editorial team.
• Communicate openly and actively with the editorial team.
• Learning and following the processes regarding SEO guidelines.
Minimum Requirements:
• Knowledge of Marvel and/or DC comics and a desire to grow.
• Ability to adapt and submit timely articles that are trending.
• Excellent English writing skills.
• Attention to detail to avoid grammatical errors and typos.
Preferred Qualifications:
• Relevant experience in writing and editing.
• Experience writing in WordPress.
• Good communication skills.
• Ability to properly source from different websites.
• Ability to edit images.
• Experience with SEO standards.
• Google Analytics.
• Google Trends.
Application Requirements:
• Resume.
• Cover letter.
• Provide 2-3 examples of your previously published work.
NOTE: Resume, Cover letter, and examples of work must be submitted before applicants will be considered. Please make sure to demonstrate your knowledge of the Comics industry in your cover letter.
Are you a comic book enthusiast who stays up-to-date with the latest comic book news and rumors? Join us today and be a part of our growing team!

Noted: Include in your email or application description if you got this vacancy information from, for confirmation.

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